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    Looking for a Forklift Battery

    If you are looking for solutions for your forklift batteries, you have found the right place. Arbor is the industrial battery experts. We know how to match the right new or reconditioned battery with your lift truck to meet its requirements for appropriate ballast weight, correct size, and the proper ampere houre. Let us help you determine which battery fits your forklift and business needs, as well as diagnose battery failure issues.

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    What Battery does my Forklift Need?

    Arbor can help you find out which battery you need. All we need is the model and serial number of your lift truck. This will allow us to narrow down which battery fits in your lift. Sometimes, taking a picture and sending it to us helps us pinpoint exactly which battery you need. Remember, you don't just need a battery; you also need to make sure the cable is in the right place and the connector fits with the connector on your lift truck. What Battery Connector does my Battery Need? Industrial battery used in forklifts (4250) There are various sizes, shapes and colors of battery connectors. Each fits with either your charger. It is important to get this information correct when ordering a battery. the wrong color battery connector or the wrong battery connector color will prevent you from properly charging your battery. It will also prevent you from using your new battery in your lift truck until it is corrected. We can prevent that from happening.

    There are a few common types of battery connectors you should know about. Here are some common sizes and the voltages they correspond to: 175 Red is common for a 24v pallet trucks like the Raymond 102XM 175 Grey is common on 24v rider jacks like the Raymond 8000 series. 350 Red is a battery connector common on 24v orderpickers & reach trucks. 350 Grey is common for 36v trucks like the Raymond 4150 and 7500 series 350 Blue is often used for 48v lift trucks. 350 Green is used in higher voltage lift trucks.

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