Building Lighting Systems

  • Building Lighting Systems

    High Efficiency Lighting Solutions

    Whereas many warehouses still use less efficient metal halide lighting fixtures that hum, are slow to start,lost lighting output over time and cast a yellow light over the warehouse. Arbor provides super-efficient T5 HID florescent lighting that also saves your money. Did you know that next to forklift battery chargers, warehouse lights consume most of the energy used in a warehouse or distribution center? With more and more distribution centers converting their inefficient battery chargers over to HF chargers for the energy savings (we can help you do that too), lighting is the next key energy item to address.

  • Key Benefits to Warehouse Lighting Retrofit

    • Start saving money immediately on warehouse lighting energy costs up to 50%
    • Occupancy sensors (lighting w/ motion detectors on them) save even more energy
    • Lower energy bills means quick ROI
    • Better lighting in the warehouse means better visibility for forklift operators
    • Greater visibility means fewer mis-picks in a warehouse order picking environment
    • Tax incentives
    • Utility incentives
    • Lower lighting maintenance costs due to the longer life span of bulbs and fixtures
    • No humming, buzzing or warm up wait time
    • Cooler temperature light fixtures
    • No significant reduction of foot-candles of light over time (compared to metal halide)

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