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    When it comes to material handling, our customers rely on us to provide more than just the best application-specific lift trucks. They have diversified needs that require precision solutions that utilize floor space more efficiently, increase order selection productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. To successfully accomplish this, we work closely with each customer to design, develop and deploy integrated systems that optimally achieve their goals at the lowest operational cost. Our growth in this area reflects our ability to evaluate storage/retrieval challenges, weigh the benefits of various automated approaches, and apply the proper equipment to deliver the desired results.

Strategic Automated Solutions

To satisfy our customers’ continually evolving needs, Arbor has acquired the experience – and success – necessary to deliver the right solutions at the right time, at the right cost. As automated systems and conveyor requirements have become more customized to satisfy the specialized needs of individual facilities, Arbor partners with Bastian Solutions to deliver on our customer’s expectations.

The Raymond Network Advantage

Additionally, through our membership in the Raymond Solutions and Support Center network, we are able to provide direct access to, and utilize the full breadth of, our combined skills, knowledge and capabilities to satisfy any systems integration requirement you may ever have – anywhere in North America.

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  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

    DELETE SOON-Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems

    An Automated Storage & Retrieval System, also referred to as AS/RS or ASRS, is a combination of equipment and controls that handles, stores, and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy and speed.

  • Vertical & horizontal carousels will increase storage of small parts and pieces in a given area helping to keep your work areas clean and organized.

  • Conveyors

    Conveyor and vehicle systems are used to transport materials, packages or objects. Both types of transportation systems can be integrated with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to create material handling systems.

Automated Solutions from Raymond

  • Raymond radioshuttle

    Flexible, High Density Storage

    The Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system allows for maximum use of warehouse space, maintains selectivity between all levels, and increases operational efficiency. And it's brought to you exclusively by Raymond Sales and Service Centers across North America.

  • Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Truck

    Automated Solutions—Without All the Systems

    Raymond Courier Automated Lift Trucks provide flexible, affordable automation of repeatable pallet transport and towing tasks. The automated pallet truck is ideal for dock work and horizontal transport, while the automated tow tractor is best suited for parts-to-line, cart tugging, batch picking and value-added operations.

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