Equipment Service Technicians

Forklift Repair

We strive to keep our clients operations up and running with consistent quality work time after time. By utilizing our relationship with the Raymond Corporation’s Parts Division we are able to consistently minimize response times to repair situations. Additionally we are able to maintain fleets at a reasonable cost to our customers while maintaining quality.

Arbor Battery Power Division Truck

Energy Solutions

Industrial batteries are less expensive than lift trucks, but can create downtime and expensive truck repairs. Arbor-Pengate has a self-contained, environmentally friendly industrial battery wash service in our Battery Power Division truck. This reduces onsite burden and reduces the cost of service which we happily pass on to your customers!

Arbor Forklift Parts Center

Forklift Parts

Arbor-Pengate has over 8,000 parts line items in stock and ready to install. Unlike other manufacturers that use only “vertically integrated” and custom parts to fix their trucks, Raymond parts are engineered to meet and exceed industry benchmarks, and are therefore readily available.

Arbor Forklift Training Courses

Forklift Training

Arbor-Pengate is your trusted source for Raymond training programs to meet OSHA requirements. Visit our training page for more information on forklift operator training in your area!

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