• Increase order fulfillment and improve inventory management with automated warehouse conveyor systems

Automated Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

Automated conveyor systems are ideal for industries that require equipment handling and consistent material transportation from one location to another. Due to the extensive benefits they bring to warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution facilities, automated conveyors have become staples in the materials handling industry.

  • Automated conveyors provide durability, stability, and ease of installation.

    Not only do conveyors provide durability, stability, and ease of installation, they also help prevent common workplace accidents. The right conveyor system can increase order fulfillment, improve inventory management, and help accomplish lean goals.

    If you're looking to implement an automated conveyor system into your operations, we can help. Whether you're moving individual products, full cases, or multiple pallets, we have the automated conveyors you need to get the job done efficiently.

Common Types of Automated Warehouse Conveyors

Conveyors come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and types. Typically, the industry you're in determines which type of automated conveyor system is best. Whatever your conveyor needs, we can assist, but here's a look at a few common types of conveyors that are found in warehouses, distribution centers, and supply chains.

  • Our automated solutions include chain belt automated conveyors and conveyor systems

    Chain Belt Conveyors

    Commonly known as chain edge conveyors, chain belts are specifically made to carry high volumes of product. They're typically found on the work floor transporting waste materials and are also used as sorting line feeds, mixed lines, and feed side eject balers.

  • Our automated solutions include steel belt automated conveyors and conveyor systems

    Steel Belt Conveyors

    Steel belts are named for their two belt designs, piano hinge or steel apron. They carry large amounts of weight (from 20 to 50 tons per hour) and are commonly used in heavy feeder applications that utilize compactors, mixed waste lines, and heavy-duty scrap balers.

  • Our automated solutions include slider bed automated conveyors and conveyor systems

    Slider Bed Conveyors

    In applications where a chain belt is too weak and a steel belt too heavy, slider conveyors are used. They have a capacity ranging from 1 to 15 tons and typically include a speed-varying mechanism. They're used for feeding side eject balers and horizontal balers.

  • Our automated solutions include MRF sortation line automated conveyors and conveyor systems

    MRF Sorting Lines

    Unlike the other three automated conveyors, MRF sorting lines aren't standardized and feature a combination of slider bed, chain belt, and steel belt. Due to their unique combination of conveyors, MRF sorting lines are designed per your unique requirements.

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