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    Top 5 Essential Items for the Warehouse Shipping-Receiving Dock

    To set up a warehouse shipping dock area properly, you will want to ensure you have the correct equipment. Below, you will find a list of equipment many warehouse managers have on hand for a professional warehouse shipping dock.

#1 - Dock Leveler Service

To have a hydraulic or mechanical dock leveler at your shipping and receiving dock means you can receive ship loads on various height over the road delivery trucks. But nothing will stop your operation like from operating properly than a broken dock leveler. Arbor repairs and services dock levelers.

#2 - Wheel Chocks

Every delivery truck and trailer should be properly chocked when it parks at your warehouse dock. DO not allow a lift near the back of a delivery truck unless the wheels have chocks there to prevent them from moving. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

You can buy wheel chocks from our {warehouse products catalog} by clicking the link

#3 - Dock Plate

For warehouse docks without a mechanical hydraulic dock plate, a good quality 
steel or aluminum dock plate essential
When choosing a dock plate, you will need to decide on the width of the dock board.
If you have a busy dock with multiple pallets shipped per trailer, a larger dock plate
is recommended. For slower operations, a minimum of 6" of clearence per side of 
the lift truck operating on the dock board is recommended. There fore , start with a
60" wide dock board to retrieve one pallet and a wider dock plate for retrieving two
pallets to avoid repositioning and increase loading and unloading speeds.
Steel Dock Plates are often used when the plate will be moved using a sitdown forklift. 
Due to their weight they must be moved with care and caution
To be able to move the dock plate by hand, aluminum dock plates are recommended
however can be expensive. Consult your trained materials handling expert at Arbor for 
help selecting the best dock board for your operation.

#4 - Loading Dock Lights

Additional lighting for loading and unloading trailers and over the road trucks are great 
addition to any warehouse loading dock. Durable lights suspended on an articulating 
arm for illuminating the inside of trailers can increase productivity and reduce accidents.

Look also for LED light bulbs which are more expensive but are more durable in the long run.

Please click on the link to our online catalog below to view the range of the many sizes, shapes
and capacities we offer. If you are unable to find what you need, please call us and one of 
our experienced associates will help you.
And if you do find what you are looking for online, call us today, mention you found the product
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#5 - Stretch Wrapper for Outbound Pallets on the Shipping Dock

Outbound pallets need to be stretch wrapped so that they are stable and do not shift in transit 
on the over the road delivery truck. Having a protable stretch wrapper, hand stretch wrapper, 
floor mounted stretch wrapper or fully automated stretch wrapper near the dock will save time
and money on damaged loads.

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