Raymond ReNewed is our fleet of high-quality forklifts, reconditioned to give you the best performance at a reduced price. With over 600 trucks in our inventory, and access to thousands of other trucks through our vast dealer network, we can supply nearly every model of Raymond forklift at your request. Our ReNewed forklifts are reconditioned to fit one of three levels of quality, and to match Raymond's exacting specifications with Raymond OEM parts. Every truck is supported by Arbor's team of certified forklift technicians and service professionals. Raymond Renewed forklifts are available for customers in the Pennsyvania, New Jersey and Delaware area. See our listings below!

Three Levels to Meet Your Equipment Needs and Budget

  • Raymond RENEWED, Used Lift Trucks

    Value-level Used Forklifts

    Ideal for tight budgets and lower-volume operations.

  • Raymond RENEWED Performance Certified Used Forklifts

    Performance Level Used Forklift Trucks

    Best suited for typical, single-shift applications.

  • Raymond RENEWED, Certified Used Forklifts, Used Pallet jacks

    Premium Level Used Lift Trucks

    Best for budget-conscious warehouse managers in need of performance, reliability and longevity.




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