• High Density Pallet Racking Systems

    Maintain maximum selectivity and increase your operational efficiency with the Radioshuttle pallet racking system. Radioshuttle is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system that allows for a maximum use of warehouse space. Easily managed with a remote control, the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle is loaded into storage loads and executes orders to load or unload pallets into a lane. The lanes are fed pallets by lift trucks such as reach trucks or sit down forklifts.

Features & Benefits

  1. + Store more pallets in a lane
    1. - Store more pallets in a given footprint
    2. - With less aisles there is less travel required resulting in more pallets moved per operator
  2. + Every level can be a unique SKU
    1. - Racks have higher utilization
  3. + Pallets move through rack independent of a lift truck
    1. - Increase pallet throughput
    2. - Reduced product damage
  4. + Cost effective automation


Applications with mulitple pallets of storage for each SKU, for example:
+ High volume SKU's
+ The first point of storage after manufacturing
+ Work in process
+ Product produced and held for quality testing
+ Sites that have a reasonably high turnover - greater than 5 times per year
+ Facilities running out of space
+ Storage layouts where deep lane storage is the best option

Pallet Shuttle System Racking structure
Rack Structure

Aids the operator in loading Radioshuttle units into the structure and guides pallets into the first position.

Radioshuttle Charging Station 
Charging Station 

Re-charge the batteries by placing both battery cassettes into the pull out drawer, which automatically connects the batteries to power.

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