Forklift Repair and Maintenance

  • Forklift parts for lift trucks in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Our scheduled maintenance program ensures the upkeep of your material handling equipment and minimizes any potentially costly, unforeseen damage. It satisfies the OSHA-required regularly scheduled maintenance for all forklifts to check for repairs. Sign up for a scheduled maintenance program to get the information needed to make the best business decisions! Better business decisions result in the extended life of your asset, which directly improves your bottom line.

  • Forklift repair for Crown, Hyster, Yale, Toyota and all lift truck brands

    Comprehensive Fixed Price Maintenance (CFPM)

    Our comprehensive fixed price maintenance program is a combined ownership between you and Arbor-Pengate where you receive the benefit of having a forklift manufacturer with over 95 years of experience fully service your fleet. This allows you to get out of the forklift business and focus on the things that matter most. A comprehensive fixed price maintenance program is designed to maximize up-time, longevity and the safety of your material handling equipment. This program offers the financial security of a fixed monthly service rate with up to 5 years of coverage.

  • Forklift repair for Crown, Hyster, Yale, Toyota and all lift truck brands

    Forklift repair for all lift truck brands

    Arbor-Pengate forklift technicians are the leading Raymond parts and repair experts in the tri-state area, however our repair specialists are also the best in the business for all other brands of lift truck. Besides Raymond equipment, Arbor-Pengate can service your Crown, Hyster, Yale and Toyota brands, as well as every other forklift brand in the business. We take repair and maintenance seriously and work for you to ensure your warehouse equipment is up and running when you need it. Contact us today to see how our mechanics can get your equipment rolling again.

Arbor-Pengate Service Advantage

  • Group of Service Technicians

    • 50+ Factory Certified Technicians with on-site diagnostics & Repair capabilities.

  • Arbor Customer Service Representative

    • Customer Service Representative support for clients providing and creating service solutions and support.

  • Certified Forklift Technician

    • Our Scheduled Maintenance has 79 Touch points which allows Arbor to provide detailed reporting of equipment service history.

Forklift Repair, Parts and Service at the Lowest Hourly Rate

  • Forklift Repair Technician in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

    Forklift repair by the lift truck experts at Arbor-Pengate is a service that you can count on. Arbor-Pengate's forklift mechanics, technicians and lift truck parts specialists expertly service Raymond equipment, as well as any brand you may operate in your warehouse. Our technicians provide you with the lift truck parts and service to help keep your operations running at maximum efficiency and productivity – for the lowest cost per hour.

  • Forklift Repair and parts

    We provide on-site repair and maintenance in our mobile repair trucks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. An Arbor-Pengate maintenance and repair specialist is close to your address in Philadelphia, southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey today. Call us for service.

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