Forklift Battery Maintenance

  • Battery Power Division Before and After Photos of Batteries

    Return On Investment

    Industrial batteries need regular maintenance. If they are not maintained they may develop:
    • Short run time
    • Low voltage / high amp / heat
    • Dead cells
    • Unbalanced electrolyte
    • Corrosion = shorts
    This minimal service investment can often be justified by eliminating just ONE service call for an electric truck component failure.

  • Battery Power Division Cleaning Chamber

    Detailed Battery Scheduled Maintenance

    • Measure and record all cell voltage and specific gravity levels.
    • Wash, neutralize and dry battery. (Premium service washes in the Industrial Battery Care Unit wash chamber.)
    • Visual Inspection: Cables, connectors,
    inter-cell connectors, vent caps and trays.
    • Check and fill all water levels. Check single point watering if applicable.
    • Provide detailed report.

  • Battery Power Division Filtration System

    Industrial Battery & Charger Services

    • Battery Maintenance Education.
    • Evaluation of battery fleet.
    • Power study to determine amps used by hour and shift.
    • Battery handling system installation.
    • Battery and charger rental.
    • Battery disposal per EPA Regulations with signed certificate for your records.

Forklift Cleaning Battery and Maintenance Service

  • VIDEO: Battery Power Division at Arbor

    PUSH PLAY ON THE VIDEO TO THE LEFT: This Forklift Battery Cleaning and Maintenance video shows how Arbor forklift technicians provide an efficient and cost effective way to properly maintain the longevity of your warehouse's forklift batteries using our exclusive new Battery Care Program. This process will eliminate short run times problems caused by and low voltage, high amps and heat. It will increase the longevity of the cells and identify issues such as corrosion and unbalanced electrolytes.

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