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  • Comprehensive warehouse asset and maintenance management solutions from Pengate

A Cost-effective Solution to Simplify Asset and Maintenance Management

  • The iTRACK wireless asset management system allows warehouse managers to gain access into equipment and asset utilization on any web-enabled device

    iTRACK—our wireless asset management system—is an ideal introductory solution for any facility considering telematics. It allows facility managers to gain easy visibility into which pieces of equipment are being utilized the best and which cost the most to operate.

    Minimize downtime by scheduling a technician when service is needed, directly within the systm's web-based dispatch module. Looking to expand your telematics capabilities for additional insights into your industrial vehicle fleet and operators? iTRACK is easily scalable to include additional capabilities as your business needs grow.

Smarter Warehouse Asset Management

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform allows you to request warehouse service using remote dispatch

    Instantly Request Service with Remote Dispatch

    When issues arise, request technician service—from any vendor—via the web portal. Quickly access fleet availability, asset downtime and work order lifetime reports for visibility into aging and service costs.

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform allows you to better manage your equipment costs with intelligent reporting to help identify trends and drive down costs

    Better Manage Your Equipment Costs

    iTRACK data and reports identify issues and trends to drive down your maintenance costs. What trucks do I have? Where are they? What's my top cost per truck? How much am I spending on repairs?

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform allows you to leverage a dedicated fleet analyst to identify issues and recommend optimizations

    Leverage Your Dedicated Fleet Analyst

    From helping you identify issues to recommending courses of action, your dedicated iTRACK fleet analyst will get to know your unique business and tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform allows you to lower your overall operational costs using actionable data and trends

    Lower Your Overall Costs with Actionable Data

    Manage equipment right from the web portal with actionable reporting on costly trends. Retain, replace or remove assets and assess cost-per-hour to identify underutilized and cost-prohibitive assets.

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform allows you to quickly see where and how your money is being spent throughout your warehouse operations

    Where and How am I Spending My Money?

    See where and how you're spending your money throughout your operations. Cost reports help determine cost drivers and expose other areas for potential cost savings in fleet administration.

  • The iTRACK sett maintenance platform provides streamlined, consolidated invoicing for multiple assets enterprise-wide

    Streamline with Consolidated Invoicing

    Enhance maintenance tracking and simplify administration with consolidated invoicing. This feature provides electronic invoicing with full details of multiple assets enterprise-wide.

Ready to Simplify and Enhance Your Asset Maintenance Strategy?

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