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  • Forklift Telematics - Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

    Forklift Telematics Can Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

    FORKLIFT TELEMATICS: When it comes to optimizing and managing your fleet assets, the more information you have the better. The better the information, the more effectively and efficiently you can improve your facility's materials handling operating environment. From right-sizing your forklift fleet to analyzing costs per hour, immediately identifying impacts, increasing uptime and controlling forklift operator usage parameters and more — our telematics solutions acquire thousands of data points and quickly turn them into precise, easy to understand and actionable knowledge. This enables you to drive lift truck operator and forklift productivity levels to new heights.

  • Asset and Maintenance Management Tools

    Asset Maintenance Management

    Ensuring your material handling assets are working for you is key to driving down operating costs. iTrack is Arbor’s tried and true software solution providing lift truck telematics visibility related to your fleet and operation. Ultimately helping to drive data driven decisions to improve operational efficiencies, identify potential training needs and streamline fleet replacement decisions.

  • Material handling fleet management tools

    Fleet Management Solutions

    By using the material handling industry's most comprehensive and customizable suite of forklift telematics available — including iWarehouse from Raymond, the only fleet optimization technology that enables you to reduce operating costs by up to 25%. This warehouse telematics solution will provide more visibility to your lift trucks, forklift operators, parts usage, forklift operator checklist reporting, maintenance and service trends than you ever thought possible.

  •  iWarehouse Labor Management System

    Labor Management System

    Did you know 72% of lift truck ownership costs reside in the warehouse labor piece of the equation? Every warehouse manager thinks about how to best use their material handling workforce. Arbor and Raymond thinks about this too. The iWarehouse Labor Management System integrates efficiently with current systems enabling quick turnaround for actionable data. If you operate a warehouse in Philadelphia (and area), New Jersey and Delaware, we are your local experts and area available to help you design manage and deploy your warehouse labor management system using telematics and related warehouse management tools.

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