7310 4-D Reach-Fork Truck Multi Directional Forklift

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Front View
    Raymond lift trucks provide versatile material handling solutions

    4-Directional Travel

    Articulating load wheels add lateral maneuverability to standard forward and rearward movement, eliminating right-angle turns.
    4-Directional Travel
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck ACR System
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    ACR System

    Reduced energy and maintenance costs, quicker acceleration and smoother directional changes.
    ACR System
  • Raymond 7310 4-D Reach with Universal Stance
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Universal Stance

    A Raymond-exclusive configuration, provides greater visibility and operator comfort in either direction.
    Universal Stance
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Battery State of Charge display
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Operator's Display

    Provides a quick reference indicator of 4-D travel direction, with mode indicator lights for easy directional selection and automatic positioning.
    Operator's Display
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Rugged Reach Scissor Mechanism
    Raymond lift trucks are designed for ease of maintenance

    Solid Reach Mechanism

    Torsion tube anti-friction scissor designed with radial thrust bearings extend the life of the mast and scissor mechanism.
    Solid Reach Mechanism

Increase Storage up to 40%

The Raymond 7310 4-D reach truck is a multi directional forklift that eliminates the need for right-angle turns, reducing the aisle width needed for long load handling and bulky loads. This narrow aisle forklift features a unique four-directional travel mode that enables outstanding maneuverability and efficiency, and results in less damage. 

  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 270" maximum

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