Sprint 2.0 Warehouse Lifts Single Man Lift

  • sprint, aerial lift, warehouse lift
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Adjustable Load Tray

    Powered materials tray comes standard and can be easily raised or lowered.
    Adjustable Load Tray
  • sprint, aerial lift, warehouse lift
    Raymond lift trucks are designed for ease of maintenance

    Maintenance Free Mast

    Maintenance-free hydraulic mast features no chains or wearable parts and requires no greasing.
    Maintenance Free Mast
  • sprint, aerial lift, reinforced cover
    Raymond durable lift trucks


    The load deck cover is reinforced and provides additional durability.
  • Sprint Aerial Lift, extended lift, man on lift
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Ease of Use

    A stable operating position for lifting and lowering allows for enhanced confidence and efficiency.
    Ease of Use

For Everyday Ups and Downs.

With a compact design, easy maneuverability, electronic lift-mechanism and driving capabilities, the Sprint 2.0 offers a more efficient and productive alternative to bulky rolling ladders in a variety of environments and applications.

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  • Operator Capacity: 286 lbs. (130 kg)
  • Tray Capacity: 198 lbs. (90 kg)
  • Deck Capacity: 249 lbs. (113 kg)
  • Machine Gross Weight: 1573 lbs. (715 kg)
  • Elevated Platform/Working Height: Platform: 118" /Working: 190"
    Platform: 128" /Working: 200"
  • Travel Speed: 3.1mph
  • Power Supply: 24V
  • Put Your Ladders Away. Forever.

    Work quickly. The Sprint 2.0 is ready to move in seconds. The operator turns on the Sprint 2.0 and drives to their work location and then elevates once they arrive. Simple push buttons adjust the tray with the operator on board.

    Whether you're stocking shelves, picking orders, or changing lightbulbs, the Sprint offers a fast, efficient, drivable solution for virtually any application.

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