• motorized pallet jack
  • motorized pallet jack

    The Power to Get You Moving

    Powerful, reliable, and maneuverable, the Lift-Rite Walkie offers the ideal combination of ability and affordability. From retail and grocery environments to wholesale and manufacturing operations, this truck can enhance productivity in any application. Take a step up from manual pallet-handling solutions, and discover the optimized efficiency of a motorized Walkie.

  • motorized pallet jack

    Dock & Delivery

    The LRW35 Motorized Pallet Jack is ideal for use on board delivery trucks. This compact AC-powered pallet jack is exceptionally maneuverable and allows pin wheeling in trailers for maximum movement and performance.


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Convenient On/Off Key Switch

Easy startup and controlled user access with simple on/off key switch.

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Battery Discharge Indicator

Battery Discharge Indicator with lift interrupt prevents over-discharging of the battery to protect electrical components.

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Easy-To-Use Control Handle

All controls-lift/lower, travel, and horn-accessible from either side of the handle.

lrw35, lift rite pallet jack, motorized pallet jack

On-Board Charger

On-board charger makes it easy and convenient to charge the truck so it's ready when you are.

  • load backrest

    Load Backrest

    Achieve greater load stability with an optional, easily-attached 48" load backrest.

  • dock and delivery

    $2,995.00 + tax & freight

    Shipment: Estimated 2-3 weeks
    Taxes: Not included
    Terms: Net 10 days