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    Warehouse Solutions

  • Material Handling Equipment

    Raymond designs and manufactures the best lift trucks in the business. Our innovations in energy, ergonomics and space utilization can be found across the complete line of lift trucks, from the smallest pallet jack to the largest turret truck.

More Solutions For Your Warehouse

  • Energy Solutions

    We provide the right energy solutions not only for where you need to be now but also for where you plan to be in the future. This mindset allows us to continuously offer the most cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions, whether we're powering forklifts or providing insights into your battery usage, today's machines or tomorrow's breakthroughs. Our team works with you to implement the right mix of solutions to keep your facility running smoothly

  • Storage Solutions

    The right storage equipment within your facility are critical to the effectiveness of your operation. We offer storage systems designed to maximize your space and keep your business moving. And because every case is unique, we partner with you to engineer, design, develop and deploy the systems that best suit your operation.

  • Conveyors & Carousels

    We plan, engineer, install and maintain a customized and integrated conveyor and carousel system designed around your specific needs, applications and facilities. These systems, capable of moving and sorting products and pallets, can enhance the productivity of any operation. Our service team is here to keep your conveyor and carousel systems running smoothly as well.

  • Optimized Solutions

    Not all automated solutions are right for every facility, so before we start recommending automation, we take time to analyze your facility with our Continuous Improvement approach. We review data to identify optimizations that should be made prior to automation, which helps create efficiencies in your facility, leading to cost savings that can eventually be used to invest back into your business. When it's time to automate, we offer integrated solutions that can be connected to create a complete system for product movement.

  • Telematics

    Our telematic systems allows you to manage and monitor batteries, decrease damage with forklift impact sensors, simplify asset maintenance management, optimize labor resources and turn actionable data into results that reduce costs and deliver on key performance indicators. What's more, this scalable fleet management system can adapt and grow as business needs evolve.

  • Automation

    Our experienced consultants, application engineers, and automation systems experts deliver integrated system solutions that include automated guided vehicles, storage and retrieval systems, and semi-automated operator navigation systems. All backed by the industry's most comprehensive telematics that offers data and insights to measure warehouse efficiency.