• forklift service

    A Dedication to Education

    If you’re bringing on new people, reassigning responsibilities, or adjusting your processes to keep up with demand, training is vital to optimize the security and efficiency of your operation.

    Our forklift operator training solutions can help ease the burden, helping to protect your employees, equipment, and materials with a comprehensive and immersive set of smart training solutions that may also assist with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance.

Forklift Training for All of Your Material Handling Needs

  • forklift operator training

    Designed to help protect your people, equipment, facilities, and materials, Safety On The Move is a training program for lift truck operators that can satisfy the most demanding safety officers and OSHA mandates. Comprehensive and flexible, the program is available with:

    + e-Learning modules
    + Virtual Reality Simulator experience
    + Classroom courses
    + Hands-on instruction and demonstration

  • pedestrian training

    Designed to complement your other training programs, Steps to Safety teaches pedestrians how to act responsibly around lift trucks to create a more secure and productive environment. Skills learned include:

    + Best-practice injury-prevention behaviors
    + Environmental awareness
    + Visual communication awareness

  • forklift technician training

    Designed to help you optimize uptime by keeping your onsite forklift technicians up-to-date on the latest tools, technologies, and techniques for repair and maintenance, our Customer Technician Courses can be arranged at:

    + Your Facility
    + Your local Raymond Sales & Service Center
    + Raymond's corporate headquarters

  • virtual reality, forklift training, vr simulator

    Raymond’s Virtual Reality Simulator offers an engaging, effective operator learning tool that can help you attract, hire, teach, and develop employees for the specific tasks you need done effectively and efficiently.