• Read about the many experiences of a forklift operator trainer
  • 2017 Open House

    Arbor's open house was an opportunity for our customers to come and tour our facility, learn about new products and connect on a personal level in addition to furthering the already established business relationship. The open house was a collaboration between all of the different departments here at Arbor, and went very well in terms of customer participation and positive feedback!

  • Humble Pie

    As a trainer, I always try to be mindful of the experience level of the operators, but many experienced operators feel as if they can’t learn anything new. We can all take this blog post as a lesson to fully engage and be willing to learn.

  • lightening the load

    Lightening the Load

    The material handling industry has a myriad of different personalities. I’ve been conducting SOTM since October 2016. I’ve met a lot of interesting individuals in my time presenting the training, and try my best to make a personal connection with each operator and assist in anyway I can.

  • Warehouse Manager Forklift Operator Communication

    Listen To Your Forklift Operators

    Your operators can tell you a lot about your warehouse operation. And poor managers -- at the least the ones that have a top-down disposition -- don’t listen to their workers. But it is at their peril. Good leaders listen and “serve” their workers.

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Warehouse racking systems are a key element of any operation. It doesn’t matter what kind of goods you are storing and picking, racking systems can be engineered to fit any warehouse application in both ambient and cold storage environments. Warehouse managers usually need a racking expert to consult with and deploy systems successfully. The best place to go for this expertise is your forklift dealership - like Arbor Material Handling in the tri-state area, serving Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

  • blog leasing vs buying

    Leasing vs. Buying

    After years of heavy lifting, your forklift equipment is showing its age, and it’s time to replace it with more modern lift trucks. Should your company lease a forklift or buy it, when it comes time to upgrade your equipment? Warehouse managers and the executives that work with them in procurement, typically think of buying new first when replacing lift trucks. However, there are really good business reasons to consider leasing new forklift equipment.

  • forklift operator training blog post

    Forklift Operator Training Optimization

    Of the almost 70,000 forklift accidents that occur annually in the United States, thankfully only a small percentage are fatal. Regardless, they all impact productivity and many cause injuries. Everyone who works in a warehouse -- from new recruits to seasoned employees -- should have proper training to stay safe around forklifts and be up to date on the materials handling equipment they use and that is being used around them.

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